Issue 7: Fillers For Men

Male Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

The recent growth, availability and popularity of non-invasive facial rejuvenation has triggered a shift in the general public perception of these procedures. And this trend is not just affecting women; more and more men are visiting the physician’s office for treatments that help to emphasize their masculine features and restore a more distinct male facial contour. Therefore, aesthetic practitioners need to be sensitive and aware of the involutional, age-related changes in both facial volume and contour that occur in the male patient and they need to understand the methods necessary to correct and restore them.

Age-related changes can include flattening of the cheeks, lips and malar region. The resulting volume loss in the middle third of the face triggers the formation of palpebral, malar and mid-malar sulci, as well as bony base rotation, nasolabial and marionette folds. The overall goal of restoring volume loss in a male patient should include a correction of these changes. Fillers based on stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA), like Apriline® products with high module elasticity, viscosity and cohesiveness can be used to achieve these goals.

Forehead and Eyebrows

Men’s foreheads usually are more posteriorly tilted, and they tend to be wider than women’s foreheads, the eyebrows are clearly defined. Volume loss of the frontal eminence causes ptosis of the upper third of the face. To preserve and restore these facial features, the high viscosity HA filler apriline® Forte can be administered to the frontal bone area.

Middle Face Features

One third of men experience atrophy and redistribution of deep and superficial fat compartments of the face, resulting in a tired and depressed look. To restore bone resorption and deep fat compartments atrophy apriline® Forte can be used at the zygomatic area in small amounts. apriline® Normal may be used for superficial volume correction. To achieve the desired effect, 1 to 3 ml of this combination of products may be administered to each cheek, depending on the severity of the volume deficiency.

Perioral Region

Perioral area re-volumization requires specific products: apriline® Normal is ideal for patients with medium thickness of the skin and apriline® Forte is perfect for ones with very thick skin. Injections are done subdermally from each side using a fanning injection technique along the oral commissure, and then repositioned laterally towards areas of depression with progressive placement of the product.

Deep nasolabial folds are not easily corrected by simple filler administration alone. Botulinum toxin should be administered to targeted hyper-dynamic musculature in conjunction with the use of dermal fillers.


Correction of lip contour, “Cupid’s bow” and the philtral columns are recreated if their distinct contour is lost. Soft and malleable fillers, like apriline® Normal with less volumizing effect, medium reticulation and homogenization parameters are excellent to use for this purpose. To maintain the correct balance, the volume of the lower lip in men should be at least one third greater than the upper lip.


As more and more men seek care for correction of volume-related changes to the face using non-invasive dermal fillers, it will become increasingly imperative to understand the male facial anatomy. Hyaluronic acid fillers that demonstrate high volumetric lifting capacity, such as apriline® Forte and apriline® Normal are excellent products that can be used to achieve both overall volume replacement and enhancement of facial contour in male patients.

Dr. Gabriel Siquier
Dameto Clinics International

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