Discover our complete solution for all your patients’ needs:

  • CELLBOOSTER® / Injectable Boosters
  • apriline® Fillers / Dermal Fillers
  • apriline® Meso / Topical Mesotherapy

Injectable Boosters / CELLBOOSTER®


CELLBOOSTER® is a brand-new Swiss made injectable boosters (Class III Medical Device).

CELLBOOSTER® is the first CE-MARKED STABILIZED COMPLEX BOOSTERS due to our unique patented CHAC Technology.


Dermal Fillers / apriline®

apriline® Fillers

apriline® Fillers are CE- marked injectable gels based on the Hyaluronic Acid developed by scientists with a long track record in Hyaluronic Acid research.

Discover apriline® Fillers

Topical Mesotherapy / apriline®

apriline® Meso

The natural way to enhance beauty.

A unique blend of hyaluronic acid, peptides,amino acids, and vitamins have been precisely selected to match innate skin physiology.

Discover apriline® Mesotherapy

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