apriline® Fillers

Solution for wrinkle filling, lifting and anti ageing procedures.

New generation fillers for instant and long-lasting results.

CE-marked injectable gels based on the Hyaluronic Acid developed by scientists with a long track record in Hyaluronic Acid research.

Advanced one phase manufacturing process

apriline® Fillers are CE- marked injectable gels based on the Hyaluronic Acid developed by scientists with a long track record in Hyaluronic Acid research.

Thanks to the advanced one phase manufacturing process, the purity of apriline® Fillers and BDDE rates are well beyond the strict EU requirements. Applications are safe and comfortable for patients whilst also easy to administer and control by physicians.


High viscosity and elasticity guarantee immediate and visible results.


Intelligent dispersion of the product provides prolonged effects of lifting and firming.


Non-animal Hyaluronic Acid obtained from biofermentation. Exceptional high purity thanks to low BDDE concentration, a cross-linking agent.


Clinically proven, CE-marked, and certified to meet the highest global manufacturing quality standards with ISO 13485 certificate.

Dr. Hervé Padey (France)
I love apriline® fillers products because of the natural and also dynamic effect. From my point of view, apriline® is one of the best fillers in the market, which contain a low level of BDDE.

Dr. Hervé Padey (France)

apriline® Fillers benefits at a glance


The apriline® product range covers a multitude of facial aesthetic needs. apriline® ’s versatility allows professionals to tailor treatments to patient needs

Elasticity & Viscosity

Optimal elasticity and viscosity make apriline® Normal the right choice for treating sensitive areas. It provides natural-looking results that last


The high viscoelastic profile gives apriline® Forte the ability to lift folds and deep wrinkles as well as restore soft tissue volume and contours effectively

  • apriline® FORTE

    apriline® FORTE

    An all-around filler designed for the treatment of deep wrinkles, cutaneous depressions, folds and facial contours. Also available with lidocaine.

  • apriline® NORMAL

    apriline® NORMAL

    The universal filler indicated for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles in the facial area. Also available with lidocaine.

  • apriline® HYDRO

    apriline® HYDRO

    Skin-boosting treatment providing an overall improvement in texture, elasticity, fine wrinkles and surface of the skin.


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